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Condense Reality’s software solution enables broadcasters and content creators to capture and stream volumetric video in real-time. Our products combines state-of-the-art computer vision with deep learning and off-the-shelf hardware to produce high fidelity volumetric video recordings of complex events such as live sports.

Our system is modular, this means it is both portable, non intrusive and can be extended to cover much larger areas than was previously possible.

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Volumetric VR is the real future of virtual reality.

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Volumetric video describes video that has been captured from many angles and combined into a single three dimensional model. This type of video capture has been depicted for decades in science fiction and popular culture; usually in the form of holograms which can be viewed by multiple people all from different angles.

Previous generation volumetric capture required fixed studios with green screens, used hundreds of precisely calibrated cameras and took days to process minutes of video. Our modular approach represents a step change in the state of the art and allows us to capture video from larger areas in real-time outside the confines of a studio.

We see a bright future for volumetric video. Modern augmented and virtual reality technology provides consumers with the necessary hardware to enjoy volumetric content to its fullest. This hardware continues to improve at a staggering rate, with major players like Apple planning to release an AR headset in 2022.

The introduction of super fast 5G mobile networks will allow consumers to view volumetric video on mobile devices and demand for content will continue to grow exponentially into the foreseeable future.

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