The CR Capture Suite

Condense Reality’s suite of software tools enables broadcasters and content creators to capture volumetric video outside of the confines of a studio and stream it in real-time.

Our vertical solution provides everything you need to start capturing broadcast quality volumetric content.

CR Capture

CR Stream

CR Player

CR Capture
Multi-camera volumetric capture software suite

CR Capture uses state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning to accurately reconstruct the contents of a scene in seconds. It is capable of capturing a high fidelity model of a scene using far fewer cameras than conventional systems.

Our capture system has been designed to record high speed sports events but the technology is portable and can be used for:

  • Live sports events
  • Live music events
  • Sports Training
  • Dancing
  • Animals
  • Interviews


A combination of advances in machine vision, deep learning and graphics processing has allowed us to create a pipeline that can deliver volumetric capture output in seconds. This capability will enable completely new user experiences in the live entertainment and broadcast space.

Portable and simple
set up process

CR Capture makes capturing broadcast quality volumetric content easy and fast, wherever you are. You are not restricted to a studio.

Modular design
for small and large capture areas

Whether you are capturing a breakdancer, a boxing match or a skateboarder on a half pipe our system can be adapted to fit your needs.

controls and previewing

Capturing volumetric video doesn’t have to be a complex and time consuming process. Ensuring that multiple cameras are correctly positioned can be managed easily using our CR Capture Portal. Controlling playback and viewing the output content is all conveniently managed through a simple web interface.

CR Stream
Cloud based volumetric video prcoessing and distribution

Condense Reality’s volumetric distribution platform, CR Stream, provides our customers with the capability to stream their captured volumetric content to any device running our playback software or SDK’s.

CR Stream is a globally available high speed volumetric content distribution network that can dynamically process, simplify and compress volumetric recordings in real time. This capability means viewers always get the best quality content possible given their network speed and hardware quality.


Our infrastructure has been built from the ground up for processing volumetric video at speed. Proprietary compression algorithms and a GPU powered processing architecture mean we can steam content in real time.

Variable bitrate
volumetric content

Volumetric video compression is hard. CR Stream automatically takes care of the complexities of compressing and distributing content for you. This ensures your volumetric video can be delivered reliably at the highest possible quality.

Global availability
for a worldwide audience

Our cloud native platform ensures that content delivered through our platform can reliably reach a global audience and cope with massive surges in demand.

CR Player
Volumetric playback software for augmented and virtual reality

The CR Playback app is a multi-platform application that allows users to enjoy volumetric content in augmented and virtual reality. The application provides a complete three dimensional UI for a natural and intuitive user experience.

Our playback application can be whitelabled and reskinned to align with your companies brand image and design language. Volumetric video works best when partnered with a volumetric user interface. We can provide the expertise to design and implement a UI that complements your experience.

For customers who have their own existing applications we can provide a set of software development kit’s for integrating volumetric content. Contact us for more information.

CR Player works on:

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